SLG Lighting high bay retrofit comparing HID to the SLG LED below.


Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Electrical Sales.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Electrical Sales.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Electrical Sales.Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Electrical Sales.Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Electrical Sales.

Serving the Metropolitan NY & NJ markets. 

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Our Vendors

Above All Lighting Inc.


LED Linear Tubes, Flat Panels, Troffer Retrofit Kits, LED Troffers and more

Above All Lighting, a leader in R&D, manufacturing and customization of LED indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Above All Lighting is focused on serving the commercial and industrial markets and a commitment to design and manufacturing excellence. Above All Lighting uses the latest LED, thermal, optical, and control components in our products to ensure the best quality and the technology for the United States market.

Link to Above All Lighting company overview:

Stock  in Toms River, NJ and Ontario, CA.

Big Beam Emergency Systems


Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs, Batteries, Emergency Ballasts and Drivers, UPS Backup Systems & More.

A Total Quality Concept permeates everything we do as a manufacturer. Big Beam manufactures products designed for use in emergencies… Relying on anything less than the best is unconscionable.

70+ Years of Experience

Founded in 1938, Big Beam has earned its enviable reputation in the electrical industry for pioneering innovative, top quality life safety products. Specified worldwide by discerning engineers, contractors, and distributors, Big Beam lights the way.

Lifetime Warranty

Big Beam stands behind its products. Big Beam Emergency Lights, Exit Signs and portable lanterns are covered by an exclusive Lifetime Warranty! No other emergency lighting manufacturer’s warranty comes close to
this coverage.

Stock in Illinois

Light Efficient Design / RemPhos

  Leader in LED Retrofits For HID Fixtures, LED Luminaires, Fixtures, Specialty Lighting & Retrofit Kits

 Light Efficient Design was built upon the strident effort to lead the industry with innovative screw-in LED retrofit manufacturing.  Light Efficient Design is renowned for service excellence.

Subsequently, our product line exploded and now includes pin-base retrofits, retrofit kits, fixtures and various specialty solutions.

Light Efficient Design acquired RemPhos Technologies, of Danvers, MA. Specializing in product customization and environmentally friendly LED lighting, RemPhos has a solid reputation within the lighting industry. Their LED modules, retrofits, luminaires and custom designs are efficiently lighting a broad variety of spaces including hospitals, entertainment facilities, schools and sports complexes. 

Please view LED/RemPhos ProClass videos:

 Stocked in Philadelphia, North Carolina, and Middleton (MA) 



LED Retrofit Kits for Troffer, Strip, Wrap & Vaportight Luminaires 

Light Poles for All Applications 

RazrLites, a Celeritas Lighting Group Brand, is a premier vendor of LED lighting products. Razr fixtures are designed for maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance, increased service life, and improved light quality. Our products are carefully designed or specified to meet strict guidelines for efficacy and longevity setting them miles apart from the standard offerings. RazrLites offers intuitively designed options for retrofit as well as new fixtures where retrofit is not possible or simply not the best option. RazrLites indoor and outdoor fixtures are simply the best quality option on the market. 

Stock in Virginia 


Red Sky Lighting


  Red Sky Lighting manufactures premier, rough service, durable LED lights designed for the harshest and most hazardous conditions. From food processing plants to paper mills, from oil rigs to trawlers, from petrochemical plants to underground mining tunnels, our fixtures are made of ruggedized construction that require low maintenance and emit high lumen output at a low energy cost.

Based in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, our innovative fixtures and designs instill in us a sense of tradition and passion for selling an amazing product that won't disappoint. Using state of the art technology, our products are explosion proof and certified up to Class I, Division 1. When tested against corrosion, dirt, combustible vapors, moisture, vibration, salt water, gases, and dust are present, our fixtures keep working.

Stock in Wisconsin

Spring Lighting Group


Quality, Affordable and Energy Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Originally founded in Spring, Texas and now headquartered in Stafford, TX, Spring Lighting Group (SLG, SLG Lighting) is a vertically integrated manufacturer of solid state lighting.   At SLG, we proudly design and manufacturer our housings, reflectors, lenses, drivers and LED boards in our own factories.  This type of vertical integration gives SLG greater control over our supply chain and manufacturing process and provides SLG’s customers with a high quality LED luminaire at a very affordable price.

Stock in Texas 


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